I just loved everything about it!  💗 💗 💗 Wonderful group of people, funny, friendly, warm hearted and supportive. I enjoyed greatly learning how to meditate, breath work, how to connect with Mother Earth and people around me. It was a truly spiritual awakening for me and it gave me the strength to carry my burdens with peace in my heart and a smile on my face. I can't thank enough Camelia Moldovan for her hard work to organize and lead all this journey.            

  - -  Irina Vasile 

Fantastic weekend, magical experience and a truly incredible group of people. Although I have been doing weekly High Vibrational Movement classes with Camelia for some time now, this was my first retreat. I have such love and respect for this extraordinary woman. She has transformed my life. Her passion, energy and love of life is amazing. I highly recommend not only Camelia's classes,  but her retreats to anyone looking for a life changing experience.  

 - Barb Sproule 

Camelia is very warm and welcoming and it's easy to come to an event alone and feel welcome I would highly recommend to anyone. As I'll go home I'll remember how well we all bonded, the feeling of freedom and the breath-work

 - Linda Ross 

If I could describe it in one word it would be Calm-unity (Community). The opportunity to get to know a group of strangers so deeply and to experience my own transformations while witnessing and supporting others as they experience theirs was deeply humbling and I am left with a feeling (even now as I think back on the days) of immense gratitude for being able to experience the Magical Spiritual Retreat.

I loved Everything! In particular, the venue, the people, the food, the conversation, the guidance, the wisdom, the spa, the laughter. 

Yes, if it could go on forever that would be better ;) 

I wouldn't have change a thing.

- -Steve Richardson 

Had an absolutely incredible weekend with a bunch of lovely soulful people. This was my first overnight retreat experience and it truly was magical and transformational. And I had the great gift of experiencing this magic with my mom Joanne Arpa and my godmother Iolanda. Very powerful to be able to gain a deeper level of awareness and connection to Mother Earth by having these two beautiful life long mother role models by my side. 

Thank you so much Camelia for hosting The Magical Spiritual Retreat and giving us this incredible gift of love, community, awakening and a new way to enjoy our journey in this life through awareness. I honestly loved every minute of it! The tools I have learned can be easily orchestrated into my life. I now have a few more tools in my toolbox for enhanced wellbeing. And within just a few days complete strangers became like family. 

I am honoured to have gone through this beautiful adventure with each of you.

 💖🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖   Namaste Nadia 

Hey Camelia, Going back to work this week has been easy. I feel so much lighter than I did before the retreat. Thanks to you Camelia and all of you for sharing your energy with us.I feel lighter since the retreat and back in tune with myself more than I have been for a long while. Thank you for all that you do to help and inspire. You're making a huge impact on people! I will remember the important life lessons of forgiveness, acceptance and self love. I have learned to look within myself to improve relationships with people. 

I have also learned more about yoga, breath work, and meditation. All around a great learning experience. I really enjoyed the bonding that happens between the attendees. The atmosphere is serine and beautifully decorated. The tea and talks. Making food as a group, eating and appreciating the gifts from earth. I was happy with everything we did. Keep me posted on whats to come! Thank you  Thank you  Thank you! Hope to see you soon, 

Love & Light 

 -- Michelle Perricone 

What can I say but Wow. I can't wait to do it again. I am already missing it. By Wednesday I was feeling a little emotional. As I was missing something. So I took a hot bath, turned down the lights and listened to some mediation music. Had a little deep breathing time a little tears. And felt better. Again it was one of the best weekends in a long time. Can't wait to experience it again. Thank you so much. With love  

-- Anne Saft

 A truly transformative weekend lead by a beautiful and knowledgeable instructor Camelia Teodora Moldovan. 

Peaceful and gorgeous surroundings! My body is still vibrating from this experience. Absolutely recommended if you wish to learn more about yourself and what a blessing it is to be a human being. Just go! Thank you so much Camelia. I miss my Magical Spiritual Retreat family already 

❤❤❤ - Ana Michalek

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