Hello Spiritual Partners

Since childhood I had this knowing, that I am here to fulfill my mission. 

 So I asked  the Universe one day:  " How may I serve ?"  

And the Universe answered back:  " How may I serve you ?" 

 Since then, year 2000 to be more exact, I searched and I was guided gently to grow and expand, so I can be Love.  

The more I served in different charitable organizations and study with world renow teachers like Drunvalo Melchizedek, Michael Brian Baker, Dr. Eric Pearl, Joseph Ghabi and others, I remembered  unconditional love and more opportunities and people appeared in my life. My heart was filled with a thirst to share this overflowing love and passion to make a difference.  

 I became a Yoga instructor and then created a unique way of quick transformation method for myself and others called High Vibrational Movement.  

As a Reconnective healing practitioner, Spiritual group facilitator and one on one Spiritual coach, Certified Breath Work Facilitator and Numerologist, I have been guiding many people into this inner journey to heal in the physical, emotional and spiritual.  With this Gifts I have the capability and knowledge to act as the catalyst for this love vibration to help with the healing of humanity.

 Allowing ourselves to feel and to be LOVE, it is our ultimate life greatness journey.   

  Thank you for choosing to be part of this journey of Transformation, Remembering and Expansion,

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